The remarkable know-how of ANTEC, historically linked to the magnetism technology, and its experience in this area, allowed the firm in 1992, initiate a business line in the design and manufacture of magnetic precision systems, for their application in fields as nanotechnology, particle accelerators, medicine, magneto – rheology and electromagnetic forming among others, for diverse research centres and companies.
Since then, ANTEC has participated in the design and construction of different magnets, coils and other magnetic (resistive and superconducting) devices. In the field of the superconductivity ANTEC has designed and manufactured magnets for different applications as energy storage, high magnetic fields, current leads and other with low (LTS) and high (HTS) superconducting materials.
To carry out these projects ANTEC has all the necessary equipment: clean area, 3D dimensional control machines, special winding machines, vacuum facilities, cryogenic tests station, welding machines and electrical testing instrumentation.