2.4 Electromagnetic drum brakes

Frenos electromagnéticos de polea

Electromagnetic drum brakes are spring applied electrically released brakes that act on a drum. The brake is released by means of a DC operated magnet.
Antec also offers mixed brakes, a combination of the above mentioned plus a hydraulic override pedal (EH models, ready to be connected to a foot pedal).
The three main components of a brake set are:

  • the brake itself (mechanical part) built in rolled steel. The brake torque can easily be adjusted.
  • the electromagnet, with its housing and armature made in rolled steel, joint to the base. Inside the housing is the coil, which is encapsulated in epoxy resin.
  • the braking drum, which can be supplied with a hub or combined with a coupling, built in spheroidal graphite cast iron. It can also be supplied with machined holes and dynamically balanced.

The brakes are equipped with stainless steel shafts and self-lubricating bushes in the joints. The brake shoes, built in aluminum, have asbestos free linings.

The complete production range includes brakes that fulfill the following norms:

  • AISE N.º 11 = LAM brakes and derivated types (LAM-EH)
  • DIN-15.435 = LDM brakes and derivated types (LDM-EH)

All ANTEC electromagnetic drum brakes offer Shunt connection (paralel).
ANTEC electromagnetic drum brakes can be equipped with any of the following options:

  • Automatic lining wear adjustment (RA)
  • Open brake switch indicator (CSA)
  • Lining wear detector (DD)
  • Hand release lever (DM)
  • Special painting (PE)