2.5 Electromagnetic disc brakes


The Electromagnetic Disc Brakes types E and S are spring applied, power release disc brakes. Brakes release is normally achieved by D.C. operated electro-magnet.

The three mayor items forming a brake set are :

  • The E or S Calipers which include the magnet in compact and symmetrical block. Permits easy adjustment of the brake torque.
  • The E Caliper is used as control brake and the S Caliper as safety brake
  • The Disc, ventilated or solid, can be supplied with a hub or combined with a coupling. Brake Disc are characterized by a low moment of inertia and high heat dissipation. Supply can include dynamic balancing and finish bored and key.
  • The Electronic Power Supply suitable for rectifying and modulating electric current and providing impulse and economy power to activate the Caliper
  • There are also Power Units that can be connected to direct current.

The Electromagnetic Disc Brakes are equipped with Stainless Steel Shafts, Self Lube Bushes at the Pivot Points, Open Brake Switch Indicator and Hand Release Bolt. Asbestos Linings free.


  • Automatic Lining Wear Adjustment (RA)
  • Lining Wear Indicator (DD)
  • Sinter Metal Linings (GS)
  • Special Painting (PE)