We are creating a future

  • Our own research center is our technological warranty
  • We work side by side with our customers to achieve the best results
  • We share our know-how with our customers

Antec generates ideas for the future together with you. Ideas that improve your products, ideas that contribute to the improvement of the performance and the reduction of costs, ideas that improve the quality of life for everyone.

As a part of the innovation and continuous improvement compromise in ANTEC, the company has an own R+D+i center, that allows it to add the most modern technology to its products. With a team of over 10 researchers, the company is committed to innovation as a warranty for the future, and invests yearly an important amount in research & development & innovation activities.

At the same time, ANTEC offers its customers the possibility to work together in the development of new products, putting at their disposal its experienced professional team, ready to cooperate in the solution of the customer’s specific needs; analyzing each case carefully and offering taylor made designs and customized solutions in case it is necessary.

ANTEC understands that only an active cooperation between customer and supplier can exploit all the improvement potential. The goal of the company is that its customers see ANTEC as a strategic technological partner, with whom they can advance in new developments and projects.

It is actually this way of doing business and approaching customers that has allowed ANTEC to develop both on a national and international level, using its know-how and putting it at its customers’ and suppliers’ disposal.