• Over 30 references among Wind turbine manufacturers.
  • More than 250.000 Antec Wind brakes are running in Wind turbines all around the world, from America to Asia, from Africa to Oceania.
  • 0 years of experience in the production of industrial brakes and over 20 years of experience in the production of special magnets.

Our origin:
ANTEC, created in 1961 under the name A.M.E., is an industrial company dedicated, since the very beginning, to the design and production of industrial brakes, for applications such as cranes, conveyors, drives, rolling mills and diverse uses in many industrial sectors.

Primer freno industrial

First model of industrial brake designed by Antec in the early sixties

Main original activity:

The main activity of the company is originally based on the domestic market, but ANTEC quickly understands the need to open to outside markets and starts developing businesses on an international level. This geographical diversification strategy has led to a powerful development and an important acknowledgement abroad.

Introduction of the Wind turbine brakes:

In its constant search for solutions for its customers and new product applications for its know-how, in 1990 ANTEC adds a new line to its business portfolio: design and production of Wind turbine brakes, both the rotor and for the yawing movement of the nacelle, having worked and cooperated since then with the sector’s main players, with over 30 references among wind turbine OEMs. Today, more than 250.000 Antec Wind brakes are running in Wind turbines all around the globe, from America to Asia, from Africa to Oceania.

Our technical knowledge, our warranty for growth:

ANTEC takes its current name in 1992. Its technical knowledge, historically linked to magnetism and its experience in this field, allowed the company to develop a business unit for the design and production of magnetic precision systems, for use in nanotechnology, particle accelerators, medicine, magneto-rheology and electromagnetic forming, for diverse research centers and companies. That same year, ANTEC starts to actively cooperate with pioneer research centers in superconductivity, such as CERN, CIEMAT, ESRF.

Our internationalization process:

ANTEC starts in 2007 its internationalization process, with the foundation of its production plant in Tianjin, China. This step meant a milestone in the consolidation of the business proposal of the company, based on being close to customers. And ANTEC is decided to further insist on this international approach.
With a vast experience of over 50 years in the production of brakes and special magnets and a global business vision, Antec is an industrial group with production plants in Portugalete-Vizcaya (Spain) and Tianjin (China). Its headquarters, with Management, Financial, Engineering and Sales Departments is located in its main office in Portugalete.
Today, hundreds of ANTEC brakes are installed in different projects around the world, which has allowed the company to become market leader in complex countries such as Spain, India or China.

Antec Braking Systems Co.Ltd. (Tianjin, China)

At the beginning of 2007 Antec inaugurated a new production plant in Tianjin (China) with the aim of being able to take care of the increasing demand of the Chinese wind market. Not only Chinese customers are serviced from this plant, but also customers in other Asian countries.
This new location together with the experience accumulated in the European wind sector since 1990 allows ANTEC to offer its customers a consolidated technology combined with the necessary attention and a close service.
During 2013 Antec has also entered the industrial market in China, with its local production of the industrial brake line at its Tianjin facility.

Antec Eolica LTDA (Bahía, Brasil)

Located in Camacari ( Bahía, Brasil), the new productive floor of ANTEC starts its activity in 2014 with the aim of caring about the huge demand of the eolic sector of this country and thus respecting the local content rules requirements. This new implantation, once again demonstrates the enormous capacity of adaptation of ANTEC to the new global requirements of the wind market as well as the high level of compromise to our customers