We are where you are

  • Wide net of agents and partners in over 21 countries.
  • We deliver our products on time, in the right place, under optimum conditions.
  • Strategically located to guarantee the best possible service.

Our compromise to get closer to our customers supports the expansion of our company. The productive presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America, together with an agent network for the industrial sector in 21 countries guarantees a proper coverage of the demand.

In today’s globalized world, it is of vital importance to deliver products on time, at the right place and under optimum conditions. Antec has the best resources to satisfactorily fulfill this demand, based on its own conviction that being close to the customer makes a difference.

The productive facilities of ANTEC, both in China and Brasil, are strategically located close to sea ports, airports and the ground communication ways, meaning an important advantage when it comes to guaranteeing the best posible service to customers.

This privileged location, together with a wide distribution net, with agents and partners for the industrial sector in more than 21 countries, allow ANTEC to always stay close to its customers, ready to fulfill their demands in the shortest possible time.