Design and production of Wind turbine brakes.
Our experience and knowledge, and the continuous investment in R&D, allow us to continue with the development of innovative rotor and yaw brakes, fulfilling all the requirements of our numerous customers.

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Design and production of industrial brakes. Wide range of products that cover both the electrohydraulic and the electromagnetic technology, fulfilling all international standards. Our presence in international projects makes us one of the leading companies in this market segment.

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Antec Magnetic

Design and production of magnetic precision systems, for use in nanotechnology, particle accelerators, medicine, magneto-rheology and electromagnetic forming, for diverse Research centers and companies, such as CERN, CIEMAT, ESRF and others.

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    Learn why our products are requested all around the world

    ANTEC S.A. is aware of the importance of the fulfillment of the quality levels required by an increasingly competitive market. Following this commitment we certify our processes under the UNE-EN -ISO 9001* standard.

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    Global presence

    We are where you are

    The productive presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America, the direct contact with the Wind turbine manufacturers, together with an agent network for the industrial sector in 21 countries, guarantees a proper coverage of the demand.

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    We are creating a future

    Antec generates ideas for the future together with you. Ideas that improve your products, ideas that contribute to the improvement of the performance and the reduction of costs, ideas that improve the quality of life for everyone.

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